...eine Kopie einer passwortgeschützen Excel-Datei ohne Passwort speichern?

Autor: Mike Shkolnik
Homepage: http://www.scalabium.com

Kategorie: Objekte/ActiveX

Today I want to show how you may load some xls-file that is
password-protected, and how to save xls into another file
but without protection.
Just replace there file names and password...

xls, xlw: Variant;
{load MS Excel}
xls := CreateOLEObject('Excel.Application');

{open your xls-file}
xlw := xls.WorkBooks.Open(FileName := 'd:\book1.xls', Password := 'qq', ReadOnly := True);
{save with other file name}
xlw.SaveAs(FileName := 'd:\book2.xls', Password := '');

{unload MS Excel}
xlw := UnAssigned;
xls := UnAssigned;


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